Your Pathway To Purpose, Financial Independence and Freedom

Don't you genuinely feel like you want more?


I know I did.

After more than a decade of working for others, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams and do the unimaginable ...



Within only a few years I turned my business into a thriving 6-figure Yoga empire. I now live in Bali, Thailand & Turkey and work remotely from wherever I want while enjoying life with friends, nature and my beloved dogs Zeus & Isha.


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Why Are Our Programs Different?

  • Authenticity: Most "Business Coaches" nowadays, make money coaching people, but don't actually own a business/brand of their own. Mostly this type of coaching lacks depth and authenticity. If you want to learn business skills, you should learn from experienced business owners who have done what they claim to teach you. 

  • ​Taught by Established Entrepreneurs: Our programs are delivered by 6-figure Business Owner Kaya Peters, and her team of entrepreneurs, healers and visionaries who have established their own brands and broken through the limiting beliefs, money barriers, self-doubt, lack of motivation and procrastination that all come with starting for yourself. All our teachers are successful in their businesses and we feel it is our purpose to help you become free of the 9-to-5 grind. 

  • Live Classes: We offer a weekly schedule of LIVE classes, which ensure you get the best guidance on starting or improving your own purposeful business & career. Our classes offer value for everyone, at whatever level of the entrepreneurial journey you find yourself at this moment. 

  • ​Hands On Support: We are here for you. Our team is committed to get you to where you want to be. We are available on email, live sessions and a special WhatsApp group, as well as our Facebook Community. 

Success Stories

Our Next Program Launches on January 6th, 2024

Passion To Profits

Suitable for existing business owners who aren't thriving or not receiving the financial compensation they want and generally feel lost with where to take their business.

Also suitable for those who have not yet launched their business but want to do so in 
the next 2 - 6 months, guaranteed!

What's Included?

  • 16 Modules: 16 Online Modules on The Selfmade Society Course Portal
    (Course Module Content Specified Below) 
  • ​8 Weeks of Live Calls: Access to 2 LIVE Classes a week with Kaya and team for 8 weeks (replays will always be sent after the classes in case you can't attend)
  • Bonus Calls: Access 2 additional LIVE Healing & Mindset Bonus calls weekly
  • Business Startup Handbook:  40 pages of inside tips and tricks, techniques and guidance on how to launch your personal dream brand
  • Prime ​Launch Strategies: To properly launch your own passion driven brand, or relaunch your existing (non-performing) brand to at least 5 figures a year within the next 2 - 6 months, guaranteed!
  • Life Purpose Discovery: Detailed videos & live calls on how to discover and solidify your life purpose. If your business is not connected to your purpose, you will most likely struggle. Learn how to overcome this with our key tools for obtaining business success
  • Meditation & Manifestation Techniques: Learn how to attract and magnetize the right circumstances, ideal clients and financial reality
  • Value Work: Solidify the values you want to build your business on. Solid values are the key to success
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs: Dive deep into your subconscious to remove the blockages that are stopping you from creating your dream life
  • ​Creating a Future Vision: Learn how to create a vision for the future, set goals and generate your own roadmap to success
  • Attracting Money & Generating Abundance: Learn how to magnetize money and be a wealth generator & make money while you sleep. Let go of limiting beliefs around money and finances
  • ​Setting Energetic Minimums: Learn how to mentally shift your minimums and break your own income ceilings for good
  • ​Business Name: Assess and determine the right name for your business
  • Competitor Research: Learn how to investigate the market in your sector and use competition to your advantage
  • ​Numbers & Planning: Learn how to create a basic business plan
  • ​Branding & Marketing Tools: All ORGANIC branding & marketing tools you need to get started or improve your business client & financial flow
  • ​Website & SEO Tools: Learn how to develop a website  which gets you on top of Google search
  • ​Social Media Engagement: Learn how to use social media, engage your clients and establish a strong social media presence that people want to buy from

The Society's LIVE Class Schedule

Selfmade Society Mentors

Kaya Peters, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Kaya Peters is an award winning business owner, entrepreneur and yogi who uses her platform to inspire others to follow their dreams. Originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kaya lives and works across several locations all over the world including Dubai, Turkey, Bali and Thailand. 

After creating and managing an award winning Yoga school in the UAE, Kaya turned a life-long passion into RAIN. The Label: Creating a fashion line to empower women of all shapes and sizes using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. 

Her most recent endeavor comes as a series of courses designed to present a blueprint of success for men and women around the world, with both practical action steps and mindset shifting techniques presented. 

Tied into this of course is a personal passion for health and wellness and a desire to share this message across her various social media platforms, with well over 200,000 subscribers/ followers and over 25 million YouTube views.

Jonathan M. Keim - Serial Entrepreneur & Launch Specialist

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and creative professional who has been working in business and brand development for over a decade.

He started his career by launching Robbins-Madanes Training, Tony Robbins’ online school for training life coaches. From there he moved to Bali and launched Kokolato, Indonesia’s first brand of vegan ice cream, and attracted the eyes of BBC Capital, Jetstar Airlines Magazine, and Lonely Planet.

The Pandemic sparked a career shift for Jonathan, leading him to step into his passion and become a Creative Director specializing in Brand Development for start-ups.

Over the last three years, Jonathan has been developing brands for various start-ups across multiple industries including women’s health, personal development, plant-based foods, hemp, CBD, psychedelics, and space.

Rose Hindy - Corporate Coach & Business Owner

Rose Hindy is an executive coach and leadership expert. She started her coaching career 10 years ago and ventured in the coaching world by creating a non-conventional and genial yet candid coaching style that makes her stand out from traditional coaching and mentoring. 

Prior to hoping her coaching journey, Rose has started her work like a media consultant and a data analyst and scientist. Consumer insights are always intriguing to her, and she gauges deep down aiming at studying the consumer behavior trends particularly in the consumer products and services and luxury world. 

Rose’s entrepreneurial spirit blends her coaching practices with her consultancy expertise and offers executives career changing coaching and leadership programs. Rose keeps her main focus in the same industry she consults for which is consumer products and services. Speaking the same language as the executives in the Marcom world and consumer services industry makes her role unique and effortlessly received and welcome. 

Rose brings a flare of fun from her personal life and injects it in a subtle yet professional manner in her coaching practice.  Rose is also a show host and a content producer. She has been selected amongst the top 30 “unstoppable women entrepreneurs 2022” Rose is Lebanese and a Dubai resident for the past 21 years. She is a single mother to Assem and Chloe.

Marylene Henry - Breathwork Facilitator & Business Owner

Founder and managing director of Zazyoga, Marylene is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT-200 RYT-500 yoga teacher, Osteopath and Breathwork Facilitator. Coming from a successful corporate career, she perfectly understands how everyday demands can get in a way of a healthy body and healthy mind. Passionate about change and transformation, she makes it her mission to empower her students to find their inner strength through Breathwork and other healing modalities. Using her own experience as a guide, she approaches the mind in a holistic way to help clients find peace and regain self-confidence. She playfully combines elements of mindfulness, breath work and coaching  to help her clients achieve their specific goals.

“There are as many paths of yoga as there is different people, and my goal is to find the right path for my clients to achieve higher level of physical, psychological, and spiritual strength.”

Marylene is a graduate from Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica and obtained her RYT-500 certification in Yoga Therapeutics with Kaya Yoga Therapy. She is also a certified Breathwork Facilitator and holds a PhD in Osteopathy. 

Video Module Content

Module 1 -
Preparation Work

Module 2 -
Discovering Your Purpose

Module 3 -
Belief Systems

Module 4 -
Values & Life Path

4 Video Lessons Mindset, Dedication, Focus and Direction

1 Bonus Mindset Audio - Reprogramming Yourself

3 Video Lessons on Life Purpose Discovery

2 Audio Lessons which teach the number one technique to discover your Purpose

1 Video Lesson on doing what you Love

1 Audio Lesson on Identifying and Shifting Self-Limiting Beliefs

1 Video Lesson on Discovery Your Core Values

1 Audio Lesson on Values & Ethics as a Business Owner

Module 5 -
Creating Your Vision

Module 6 -
Money Mentality

Module 7 -
Business Mastery

Module 8 -
Branding & Marketing

2 Video Lessons and 1 Audio Lesson on 
Creating Your Ideal Life & Future Vision

2 Video Lessons on Abundance & Money Blockages

1 Audio Lesson on Changing Money Beliefs

3 Video Lessons on Competitor Research, Business Plans & Numbers

1 Bonus E-Book: Deciding on a Business Name

8 Video Lessons on Website, SEO, Upwork, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and other Branding & Marketing Strategies

Module 9 -
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Module 10 -
Launch Strategies

Module 11 -
Audio Business Lessons

Module 12 -
Online Course Creation

1 Video Lesson on Adopting The Entrepreneurial Mindset

2 Audio Lessons with Entrepreneurship Pitfalls and Mindset Techniques

3 Lessons on the Most Common Program Launch Strategies

Launching on Social Media, With A Challenge & With A Masterclass

10 Audio Lessons: Kaya's Main Entrepreneurship Lessons That Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Listen To

7 Video Lessons on Online Course Creation, Video Editing, I-Movie, Equipment & Creating Membership Portals

Module 13 -
6-Figure Scaling Strategies

Module 14 -
Bonus Business Training
With Kaya

Module 15 -
Creating Sh*t That Sells
Bonus Masterclass

Module 16 -
The Passion & Purpose Bonus Masterclass

3 Video Lessons on Creating Group Programs, Online Programs and Selling in Volume

Kaya's 90-minute Bonus Business Training

Kaya's 2-Hour Masterclass On "Creating Sh*t That Sells"

Kaya's 30 Minute "Passion & Purpose Masterclass"

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